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We specialize in unique and creative styling to up your listings aesthetic. From start to finish we make sure every detail is taken care of so that everything runs smoothly during your showings. 


initial consult

Our staging process begins with a thorough consultation with the homeowner / agent. We conduct a detailed walk-through of the house, carefully assessing each room's existing layout, focal points, colours, lighting, and any potential repair needs.  We will also evaluate the existing furniture + accessories ensuring that only the essential elements remain. 

Reccomendations report

After our consultation, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining specific recommendations for each room, tailored to enhance the key features and overall value of your client's house.  It includes  suggestions on how to improve the overall appearance and identifies necessary updates that will help you secure top dollar when selling. 

Staging day

On staging day, our team will bring in all the essential furniture and decor needed to completely transform each space. The staging process is crucial to ensure your listing looks its absolute best when it hits the market!

Destage Day

Once the house has sold we will come back to pack up all the accessories + remove the art. We'll also handle the removal of all staging furniture from the house and you can move forward to closing with ease. 


Say "good-bye" to the tough conversations.

Our consultations help you navigate those difficult discussions about condition and furnishings with ease. This comprehensive report outlining specific recommendations for each room, empowers you to offer valuable insights and solutions to your clients, positioning you as a trusted advisor in their real estate journey. With our expertise and support, you can confidently guide your clients towards making informed decisions that will maximize the potential of their property and ultimately lead to a successful sale.

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Occupied Staging

We seamlessly integrate your clients existing furnishings with our carefully curated inventory, elevating the overall look and feel of the space.

When staging an occupied home, our focus is on maximizing functionality and creating a clutter-free environment. By highlighting the positive aspects of the property, we help buyers envision themselves living there without getting distracted by any perceived shortcomings. Our goal is to create a space that pulls at the heart-strings and stirs up those emotions associated with being “home”. 

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Vacant Staging

Show off all the possibilities your new build or newly vacant house can offer.

We curate and furnish each room with carefully selected furnishings, artwork, and accessories. We assess the needs of every space to determine which rooms should be staged, focusing on maximizing the potential value of your listing throughout the sales process. Our strategic approach ensures that each staged space captivates buyers, igniting their imagination and increasing the overall desirability of the property. 

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Modern House Staging goes above and beyond just putting furniture into a space. Sarah creates the lifestyle feel to where clients can see themselves living in that space.

- Ashtyn Palmer 
The Palmer Real estate team

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