It's difficult to put a finger on what makes a house feel like home...but it's easy to know when the staging misses the mark.

When your listing needs to command attention as soon as the door swings open - which, btw, should be EVERY listing - we help you get it right.

It's difficult to put a finger on what makes a house feel like a home...but it's easy to know when the staging misses the mark.


THE GOAL is very simple.
We're here to help you SELL YOUR LISTING quicker AND GET top-dollar.

We're all about creating lifestyle settings that emotionally connect with potential buyers. Think of it like a matchmaker service, but for houses. From the initial spark of attraction to the final sale, our goal is to guide the potential buyer through a journey where 'first comes love' that inevitably leads to 'sold.'

THE GOAL is very simple.We're here to help you SELL YOUR LISTING quicker AND GET top-dollar.

Hello there.

Multi-award winner, creative force, white paint savant, specializer in creating sit-and-stay-a-while spaces.

If I had to pinpoint where it all started — my obsession with colour, texture + pattern, and my love for good design — I’d probably trace it back to the box of crayons my great aunt used to gift me every Christmas. 

Once I realized I could turn this love into a job, I earned an Interior Design diploma and delved into kitchen and bath design. But wanderlust took hold and led me on a thrilling decade-long career with a Canadian airline.

When the pandemic abruptly halted my aviation career, I saw it as an opportunity to rekindle my first love. However, this time, my mission was to shake things up in the PEI real estate market.

Throughout my years working in the airline industry, I developed a fascination with real estate markets both near and far, but it wasn't until I began preparing our own house for sale that I stumbled upon the intriguing world of staging. When our house sold within one hour of being listed it made me realize there was something powerful about staging.

After relocating from Ontario to PEI, I found myself sipping my morning coffee while perusing the latest listings—my version of the morning paper. Ideas began swirling in my mind: "What if the furniture were arranged differently? What if the walls had a fresh coat of paint? And what about bidding farewell once and for all to that dated green shag carpet?" At that moment, I had a thought and it hit like a bolt of lightning.

It was about more than just ensuring houses didn't look tired or dated — emotionally connecting through design was the missing link that would allow agents to sell listings quickly and for top dollar. I knew I could help agents like you achieve this without resorting to costly price reductions. 

That's why I founded Modern House Staging—a venture born from the realization that, just like the "mind the gap" streets of PEI in Spring, there was a hole in the industry waiting to be filled. My true passion lies in playing matchmaker between your listings and potential buyers. Listing your clients' homes is one of the most meaningful moments in their life and it is an honour to assist you in helping them embark on their next chapter.


I'm Sarah Waterfield.

The house got an accepted offer today from people who went to the open house and fell in love with it. She said it was the staging that did it!"

- Catherine Fournier
the we know pei team

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